18 April 2007

New Pics !!!

Hey guys
I spent the last weekend climbing Mt.Warning and except a couple of wounds on my arms and legs it was a really great experience cos we got up at 2 in the morning to be able to see the sunrise over Cape Byron, the most easterly point of the australian mainland.
The rest of the weekend i spent at the goldcoast (Surfer's Paradise) for the Rotary Distrikt Konferenz.
Here a few pictures ...

(sorry, can't open the pictures, ill try another day)

xoxo Luisa

11 April 2007


Hey guys

In der letzten Woche war ich auf 2 total geilen Partys ! Hatte end viel Spass, habe viel getanzt und getrunken (COla natuerlich, was denkt ihr denn ??^^)
here a few pics ...

---> das bin ich mit mel und nem kerl (keine ahnung wie der heisst ^^)

-----> das bin ich mit gabe (ich durfte netterweise in ihrem auto schlafen :) )

----> das bin ich mit nicole und hugh

-----> twister/ weltweit bekannt .. lol ..

cya soon


lots of love


04 April 2007

Tasmania !!!

Hey guys,
i've just returned from a great 10 day holiday in Tasmania (little island below the australian mainland) I went there with eva (another german chick^^), her hostmum Jenny and Jenny's friend Sandra.
We flew to Hobart and from there we rented a car and drove all over Tasmania. We saw heaps of things and walked a lot. It was a nice holiday but i was happy when i was back home cos Tasmania was freeeezing cold (like Germany)

Here are a few pics from the holiday

That's Eva and I in the plane from Ballina/Byron to Melbourne.

That's me at Melbourne Airport.
Eva and I at Wineglass Bay in Freycinet.
Eva and I kayaking in Freycinet.
That's a little cute wallaby that we saw at Cradle Mountain.
That's at 'Lake Dove' (Cradle Mountain) It looked a bit like 'Lord of the Rings'That's me at some beach in Melbourne ! ( I love Melbourne)
That's about it ...
I hoped i liked the pics

18 March 2007

Weekend at the Goldcoast !!!

Hey guys !!!
Just came back from an awesome weekend at the Goldcoast !!! I visited my friend Tamy, who is from Brazil, and we had an amazing time !!!
These are a few pics from my wknd.
heaps of love

Tamy and I at the beach at Surfers Paradise :)

Me (and a piece of Toby) at Seaworld with a fantastic view over the Goldie.

Tamy and I at the 4D Movies ^^

Me at 'Shark Bay' at Seaworld at the Goldcoast.

Kiki and I in front of the 'Hard Rock Cafe' in Surfers Paradise !!!

12 March 2007

OZ Tag

Das bin ich (im weissen Shirt ) OZ Tag spielend. Das ist so ne Art Football fuer Weicheier. Ziel des Spieles ist es, den Ball auf die andere Seite des Spielfelds zu bringen. Das andere Team muss dabei versuchen, den Streifen, der mit Klettverschluss an der Hose befestigt ist,wegzureissen.

Es macht end viel Spass, aber das war leider das letzte Spiel in dieser Saison.

xoxo wb


25 February 2007

Rotary Weekend in Stanthorpe !!!

Hey guys,
i just had the best Rotary Weekend ever !!! We went camping and had just so much fun !!!
Here a few pics ...

the first one is in the Ballandean's wine estate
This is me with Marion (Austria) and Tanja (Switzerland) at the campfire in the middle of no-where !
This is us 'trying' to play 'touch football' didn't have that much to do with the real footie, but was soooo much fun
Massive sleep over and DVD night Crazy Exchange Students around the camp fire at midnight !

All the girls on a golf course, just to watch the roos. can u see them in the background ?

11 February 2007

Swimming Carnival

Hey guys !!!

last week we had a swimming carnival at our school and it was awesome !!! normally its just kinda competition between the students and the four houses, but because its the last time for the Year 12 students we all dressed up really funny and stupid ... lol ...

Zoey, Nicole and Manda

All the Year 12 people ready for the start (i'm on block number 2 with the layer and the whale in my hand ;) )

Manda, Nicole, Me, Gabrielle and Jess

Thats me, Rhiannon and Gemma


xoxo Luisa

04 February 2007


That's me with April, a friend from school :)

Australia Day 2007

Hey guys
On Australia Day I went with my hostparents to the 'Gorge'(A couple of waterfalls) in Grafton and we had a great day. I saw a little bit more of Australia and I thought it was a great way to spend Australia Day.
At night time we went to the Showground in Maclean and saw some really amazing fireworks.

05 November 2006

schooluniform !

LOL ... thats me in my school uniform ... its not too bad but i still dont like it ... but a couple of people asked me for a
picture, so HERE it is !

Rotary Exchange Student Weekend in Grafton !

Hey guys !!!
I just came home from an amazing weekend with all the other exchange students from all over the world ! We had a heaps good weekend and a lot of fun in Grafton at the Jacaranda Festival and at the Clarence River !

All the exchange student in our cool blazer ;)

On this pic I'm in a tube (cookie) with Sidney(France) on the water in the Clarence River.

Crazy european exchange students ! (Clemens(Austria),Anna(Finland),Sophie(Switzerland))

Me'n'some crazy people on a Friday night in Grafton !

Me on a 'little' bike with my hostfather 4 the weekend.

All the exchange students at the Clarence River

To repeat ...

29 September 2006

Boys in skirts ... :D haha

Am Dienstag war 'dress up' day in Zacs Schule und die Maedchen haben mit den Jungs die Uniformen getauscht und das sah dann SO aus: