29 September 2006

Boys in skirts ... :D haha

Am Dienstag war 'dress up' day in Zacs Schule und die Maedchen haben mit den Jungs die Uniformen getauscht und das sah dann SO aus:

24 September 2006

me in action

no comments ! lol (my first try on a surfboard)


thats me with my brothers friends at a party. (from the left to the right, 1.row:jo,linger,zac,2.row,daniel,mouse'n'me). It was my first party here in OZ but the partys r pretty much the same as in germany, only the that the lega drinking age is 18. :D poor bastards ... ^^



german chicks in australia !

hey guys !
on the picture its me with eva, another 'german chick' from rotary. she lives in ballina(about 100 k's from maclean) and we had an awesome weekend.
on sunday we went to byron bay and it was the first time i surfed.
ur missing out a lot in germany without sea and waves and beaches :P

14 September 2006


hey guys,
this is my hostmum Nerida, my hostdad John and my hostbrother Courteney(19) who studies in Toowoomba(about 4 hours far from where I live).

Kangaroooooooos ;)

Here are two sweet Wallabies (kind of little Kangaroos) and one has a baby (jockey) in his pouch.

13 September 2006

Beach !!!

Hey guys
thats me at the Yamba beach with all the 17 exchange students from my distrikt. it was the first time i swam in the ocean and it was awesome ! it was freackin cold but the waves were really high and we had heaps of fun.
cya, Luisa