04 April 2007

Tasmania !!!

Hey guys,
i've just returned from a great 10 day holiday in Tasmania (little island below the australian mainland) I went there with eva (another german chick^^), her hostmum Jenny and Jenny's friend Sandra.
We flew to Hobart and from there we rented a car and drove all over Tasmania. We saw heaps of things and walked a lot. It was a nice holiday but i was happy when i was back home cos Tasmania was freeeezing cold (like Germany)

Here are a few pics from the holiday

That's Eva and I in the plane from Ballina/Byron to Melbourne.

That's me at Melbourne Airport.
Eva and I at Wineglass Bay in Freycinet.
Eva and I kayaking in Freycinet.
That's a little cute wallaby that we saw at Cradle Mountain.
That's at 'Lake Dove' (Cradle Mountain) It looked a bit like 'Lord of the Rings'That's me at some beach in Melbourne ! ( I love Melbourne)
That's about it ...
I hoped i liked the pics


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